About us



We founded the Open Minds Hungary Ltd. with a decade of experience in software development behind our backs. We supply our domestic and international clients with information technology services and unique software products developed and delivered with the highest standards of quality. Our colleagues are choosen from among the best ones. All of them are highly qualified specialists and enthusiastic students, able to quickly aquire the knowledge of the newest technologies.

Delivering reliable, well working sotfware is the emphasized viewpoint of our development process. The integral part of our work includes multiple different – but equally important – types of quality control methodologies such as automated testing and human quality control. Our team works in tight cooperation, relying on the repetition of short development cycles with frequent releases, and the active participation of the key project members of our clients.

Our company’s name and logo express our open minded approach, and our commitment towards the open-source solutions. We use several cutting-edge open-source products in our projects and happily share our practical experiences with the different open source communities and offer our contribution making these products even better.

Our happy customers