GEARS – Consultant tool


Consultant tool

To provide cutting edge business intelligence tools for direct marketing companies, who want a contemporary platform built with best of breed technologies for their consultants and clients.




When you really want increase your QVs.


Proposed actions to achieve promotions.


Growing your downline

Main functionalities

  • Highest value actions on the daily board depending on your target.
  • Guides through customer journey steps with full history
  • Customer survey provides feedback for the recommendation engine.
  • Individual scoring for all customers based on their own history
  • Reports on your and your teams past performance
  • Synchronises with your contact list

Daily dashboard

Personal board lists customers with highest potential

and/or scheduled for call today

Customers with highest potential to make promotions

Decline/accept proposed activities


Contact sales pitch


Prior to contacting, you have the chance to

review previous order and activity history,

giving you full context of the customer

Business intelligence provides best potential sales pitch

All potential contacting methods available from your phone’s contact list, no need copy/past numbers or use another contact app.

Post-contact survey

Post call survey to provide feedback on customers

All data available when opening same customer

Next contact point defined with few clicks




Reports on your performance

Team details reports

Highlights under/over achievers

Package prices

Individual subscription

Yearly fee: $20
first 3 months for free

Start-up team

Yearly fee: $30.000 – $70.000.
Integrates with order entry and CRM.

Enterprise License

Yearly fee depends on the level of integration and number of users.